Wednesday, June 20, 2007

spend some quality time on the porch!

the porch show at cinders is amazing! the opening was really fun but way too crowded for photos so i went back a few days later and took these. just look at that porch! and the grass-painted floor! and the swing! they've got all kinds of fun music shows planned all summer long, including 2 this weekend, both saturday and sunday nights with 3 bands each night; check the events page for all the details...

these dreamy watercolor forestscapes and day-glo stump sculpture are erika's...

...and i'm in love with these little luminescent squirrels that george made.

my crochet flowers are in front of the radiator, and next to sto's wooden ones.

this lovely porch swing was made by saviour scraps, the best swing-makers i've ever seen! that's brieana and jojo, two of the scrappers, swinging at the opening. i dream of one day having a porch to call my own, and when i do i hope i can commission these ladies to make me a swing too!

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