Saturday, June 30, 2007

renegade reviews

there are many reviews of RCF out there in blogland, and i keep seeing all these great pictures of stuff i somehow missed in real life (it's amazing what a combo of sleep deprivation and total overstimulation can do!)
i'm sure you've all seen the Times article by now, which some found to be offensive. but hey, i've been known to poke fun at a hipster or two myself now and then; living in williamsburg you kinda just have to!

comfies has some great photos of her faves from the fair... i love those sweet critters from fern animals, and the tea towels are so bright and cheerful but she can't remember who made them, so if you know, please leave a comment so she can give credit! she also shot some pics of my lovely assistant gertie, and bought this tweedy little amigurumi from traveling rhinos.

greenjeans also wrote a fun recap with lots of photos (the above 4 are hers)... somehow i totally missed the traveling rhinos and year of the goat booths filled with fibery goodness (though siri did bring me a little sparkly fluff present from the t.r. booth) and all of these beautious ceramics (little flower designs on the left and white bike ceramics on right). i always regret not shopping more at these events, but i am just never in the right frame of mind and barely leave my booth at all.

the delightful andrea of flygirls interviewed me for a webisode; i will surely post a link as soon as that's up but in the meantime you can see her pics here.

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comfies said...

it really was a great time all around wasn't it?!! glad you liked my pics!