Saturday, February 17, 2007

truly for the birds!

my b.f.f. from high school, howard (aka the busy signals) is making these beautiful folk art birdhouses and selling them in his etsy shop. everyone's fave leafy green #9 has been sold, but the others are still up for grabs if you act quick! i am rather partial to pink and brown double hangout 21 but that's just me...
here is howard's statement:

All of the sudden last summer I started being driven to build these bird houses out of anything I could find. I haven't stopped since!
I made these very durable for outdoor use but most people so far can't bring themselves to actually put them outside and usually keep them indoors on display. I would really love them to be outside with a bird living in em. Each house is numbered with old fashioned window numbering brass tacks so far I have made 50.

i only wish i had a tree to hang one in!

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Dude those are awesome...sweet nest spot. day 20 of the wool long sleeve. xoxoxo me