Wednesday, February 07, 2007

for the birds

in addition to all of the classes i teach at MAKE, i now teach a thing or two at my new williamsburg hangout treehouse. so far i am teaching crochet and embroidery there, and they also offer fun stuff like decoupage, book making, jewelry design, and knitting, all taught by the very designers whose handiwork hangs on the racks! take a look at the current schedule and sign up for their mailing list so you'll know when they add new dates. plus, their amazing craft book library is always available for your reference; check out the amazing NATIVE FUNK AND FLASH for some 70's-style embroidery inspiration!

they also carry hodge podge clothes and crochet goods, in addition to the collections of many other local indie designers. all winter merch is on sale right now so stop in soon if you can...

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