Friday, December 01, 2006

crocheted yumminess

i think you know by now that of all the techniques i use, crochet is my most favorite. my good friend alisa of dynamo-ville sent me a link to crochet artist joy kampia. what fun! her food looks so good i want to eat it! her work is a great illustration of how sculptural crochet can be. it makes me really want to get back to those amigurumi and try some other objects too...
here is her artist's statement:

"Because I enjoy the irony between subject matter and material, I have merged my favorite subject matter (food) with my favourite process (crochet). I love food too much to be satisfied with its transience; therefore I am driven to give it permanence through art. I am a passionate advocate for crochet as an art medium--going beyond its traditional uses and exploring its limitless possibilites. By taking both food and crochet out of their ordinary settings, I hope to challenge the viewer's preconceived notions of their roles.

And I hope it makes people hungry."

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