Tuesday, December 12, 2006

broken promise

note to self: never make promises on the blog!
ok, so i didn't manage to post the preview of what i was making before the craftacular. as usual, time just got away from me and i was up til 3am the night before... but here are some pics i took sometime that night. the light was not so good but i'm glad i snapped these because at least three of these pieces sold!

i made a lot of helmet hats; it's my basic style and very cozy on the ears. most of them use ozark handspun yarn, mixed with other more basic yarns because the ozark is pretty wild! i will be writing more about them later, and i promised to write a pattern for them so i need to do that soon...

i was glad i sold both of these hoods because they're my new favorite style, and these were my two faves of the six or seven i made!

all in all the sale was quite overwhelming and exhausting, but i did pretty well. i'm always hoping to sell more, but i'm satisfied. the number of people that attend is incomprehensible; i'm eager to hear the tally since they charged $1 admission this year so they should have numbers. most shoppers seemed to actually think it was TOO crowded, to the point that it's hard to shop. and the music is a little too loud... my voice is still hoarse 2 days later!


Anonymous said...

love your site.
and love those helmet hats.
do you have a free pattern??

Anonymous said...


you need to promote the craftacular on your blog!

whats wrong with you?!