Monday, July 10, 2006

my first post

ok, what am i doing here? a couple of things... let's call it the Mission Statement:

1. documenting and sharing things i am making or have made, with the general goal of trying to sell them!
2. discussing the day-to-day trials and successes of being an independent, small-scale designer
3. exploring my personal project of trying to convert to wearing ONLY clothing made by myself, friends, or other indie designers.

i think those are my major reasons for doing this, obviously subject to change at whim. we'll see how it goes... oh yeah, the picture above is my studio, a.k.a. my living room. yikes.

1 comment:

Lena said...

hi cal!

thanks again for organizing the field trip yesterday. i don't think i'll be using them right away, but hopefully i will need to in the future (meaning IF my business grows...)

i'm looking forward to checking your blog regularly now! my blog has been a great outlet for organizing my ideas and i love looking back over the months, at things i would otherwise have forgotten.

see ya soon