Friday, April 03, 2009

poet tunic

you may not know that there is an actual printed on paper and available on newsstands version of CraftStylish too, but there is! i have a project in the current issue that i really love: this sweet poet's tunic made from a big ol' ugly T. i wish i could get the sample back because it's a lovely shade of green and i'd really like to wear it, but alas, i'll just have to make my own. the whole issue is about restyling what you already have. look for it at your local newsstand or bookstore because this one's not available online! you can, however, order the magazine here.


Amy said...

This project really caught my eye in the magazine! I'm looking forward to trying it out.

nessa said...

I made this!!

Anonymous said...

Rats - I would want that back too! It looks like a great color. I love the idea of reusing an old T-shirt! Though I'm not sure I have one that would work. Spring cleaning is around the corner, so I will be on the lookout!