Friday, November 30, 2007

first etsy sale!!!

i am so excited i just have to share: i had my first etsy sale last night and it was a DOUBLE!!! she bought these two woolly wraps and i am just pleased as punch. now on my shop page it says '2 items sold' and i feel like a real etsy seller!

i've been rather enamored of etsy lately, and since i've taken the HANDMADE PLEDGE, intend to buy most of my holiday gifts there. have you checked out their new gift guides? and look, it's gertie!

i keep finding so many amazing designers by clicking around, and stalking The Storque, so i've decided to start a new column: Etsy Shop of the Week. this and some of my other grand plans may not really get going 'til january, when the holiday craft sale madness subsides, but stay tuned...

and speaking of sales, don't forget CRAFTACULAR is next saturday, december 8th! the mind-boggling vendor list is up, so take a pre-gander at what's in store.

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