Friday, March 02, 2007

stitch jam!

for years i have longed to be part of a stitching circle, a group that meets regularly where i can relax and work on a project without having to be the teacher. but somehow i've never been able to find the right people or situation. i had made it one of my goals for 2007 to form one, but instead it's organically happened without my doing anything! i met amylou when she took my patternmaking class at MAKE, and we quickly bonded over our love of chihuahuas, food and making stuff (i mean really, what else is there?). coincidentally, one of amylou's best friends, katrina, lives right around the corner from treehouse and had already made friends with siri and rebecca. katrina's the one who turned us all onto getting our haircut by aki at commune, but i hadn't actually met her. so she and amylou decided to take embroidery at the tree and that sort of laid the foundation for what has now become stitch jam! we've met the last 3 sundays and it's now one of the highlights of my week. the group has expanded to include textile designer helen, saviour scrapper brieana, and rotating guests like barbara and craft lady of steel jocelyn, and every new face brings new inspiration and energy. i love seeing what everyone's working on, from siri's bedazzled hoodie to amylou's embroidered mouse!



I am so super bummed I won't be in the trees! BUT i sat on the beach yesterday and saw a seal & a was awesome. MISSES KISSES

kayte said...

that mouse and mushroom embroidery is so so cute!
love it!